Visualization & Architectural Graphics

3D Models & Virtual Reality




● Interior & Exterior Renderings● 2D & 3D● Architecture visualization, Product visualization● AR / VR Visualisations● Sketch drawings● Animations, simulations


Architectural Storytelling

● Concept Diagrams● Icons● Animated Diagrams

3D Modelling & Printing

3D Modelling

● Environment models●  For 3D printing● AR & VR● For web catalogues, configurators


We are fast & affordable

How?We work with 3D artists and architects from Ukraine. While supporting them with much needed work our clients benefit from affordable costs and on-demand availability of professional hands.We can handle large workloads and offer flexible contracts & payment models. 

Services - full list



● Interior & Exterior Renderings● 2D & 3D● Architecture visualization, Product visualization● AR / VR Visualisations● Sketch drawings● Animations, simulations

Custom built 3D Objects

Custom built 3D Objects

● Furniture, appliances, doors and more - built individually for each project● Object libraries & GDL objects● 2D & 3D objects

Custom Automatisation

Custom Automatisation 

● Automatisation tools for BIM projects to reduce planning time and costs● GDL Programming● BIM Consulting

Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Projects

● Professional designs for houses, apartments or separate rooms● Color and material concepts

3D Modelling & Printing

3D Modelling & Printing

● Simple 3D models for model making i.e. for environment models● For 3D printers

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

● Digitization of as-built documents● Mass determinations● Point Cloud to BIM / CAD● etc.

Image Editing

Image Editing

● Content for your website from existing files  ● Marketing materials● Preparing for print-media i.e. catalogues, fairs, etc. 

How it works

Step 1 Contact

Step 1. You contact us and we discuss what has to be done

We begin with a free consultation. Give us a call or write us an email, then our coordinators will get in touch to discuss and work out project requirements. We are based in Munich and speak both German and English.

Step 3 Work

Step 2. Work in progress & delivery  

You will get regular reports & intermediate results if necessary.Coordinators keep an overview of the ongoing work and make regular quality assurance.We check the final result with you and adjust if necessary.

Step 4 Invoice

Step 3. Finalisation & invoicing 

After you are happy with the result we will issue an invoice from a German/EU company.

We can be useful for 

Architects & Visualizers

Architects & Visualizers

● Architecture & Design Firms● Freelancers ● Film producers● Interior designer● Real estate agencies

Privates & Art

Private Customers & Art

● Real estate owners● Small offices ● Developers● Craftsmen● Artists● Game designers● Music producers



● Design departments● Furniture houses● Productions ● Marketing departures ● Retail ● Construction materials manufacturers 



● Students● Professors● PR departments● Museums and galleries

.. and others who need architectural, 2D or 3D visualisation services!

Who is behind UArch

We are design and IT professionals of Ukrainian heritage who live in Europe and we created UARCH Initiative to help displaced Ukrainians find work projects in these turbulent times. 
We believe that for many professionals in Ukraine, being able to work means not only financial support but also offers a piece of normality while being affected by the war.
In our team there are architects, 3D artists, interior designers and other professionals from various regions of Ukraine. Together they have a broad range of skillsets and specialities. 
Many of the professionals who work with UArch are colleagues and friends who we know personally. 

Our customers & projects

Small architectural office asks for a 3D model of environment for 3D printer. Ready in 1 man-day

Private customer asks for a design and work planning for a bathroom. Ready in 2 man-days

Freelance architect asks for interior and exterior renderings. Ready in 4 and 5 man-days accordingly 

Marketing studio asks for a 3D modeling for VR game - room and characters. Ready in 2 man-weeks

Small interior design studio asks for a design of a hotel lobby. Ready in 1 man-week

An architect asks for consulting on optimization of his BIM Project. Automatization scripts ready & integrated in 1 man-week

Private customer asks for a design and work planning for an Airbnb apartment. Lots of discussions and consulting, ready in 1,5 man-weeks

and much more..

Satisfaction guarantee

Get your project done or pay nothing

We are convinced about quality of our delivery

Coordinators start with a briefing and gather all the necessary information. We are not shy to ask questions until we are sure that we get your brief right.Together with you, we split bigger tasks into partial deliveries. Each partial delivery will await your feedback to make sure your expectations are met and to guarantee timely corrections.

You pay only after we complete the work

After we completed partial results and intermediate feedback-rounds from you, the last loops will be repeated until the original requirements are met and delivered. Until this is the case, we keep working on necessary adjustments. 

Share this!

We will be happy if you share the information about us with your friends, colleagues and other people in your surrounding who can be helpful with projects or/and with media reach

Contact us!

Please contact us for any questions

Contact us for any project or idea or question - we are open and thankful for any aid. You can also become an architectural or informational partner! 


We are in a process of preparing a direct line - until then please contact us via email!



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